Investment Advisor Operations

Private Investment Fund Administration

Budgeting/Cash Flow Forecasting

For emerging managers, forecasting firm cash flow is critical. We have expertise in building cash flow models using various assumptions so managers can make better decisions.

For mature managers with multiple products, GPFS can support cash flow modeling to better plan for changes caused by investment product events, such as the ratchet down of management fee income.

Accounting and Reporting

Like all operational businesses reliable and accurate books and records are essential for effective decision making, staying compliant with regulations, and providing key stakeholders transparent reporting. At GPFS we have years of experience providing accounting and reporting to the advisors of private investment funds.

Payroll Processing

GPFS will coordinate with the investment advisor’s third-party payroll service to ensure payroll is processed accurately and timely. For managers looking to select a payroll provider, GPFS has experience advising managers on that critical decision.

Accounts Payable and Receivable

In addition to ensuring payments are processed timely and receivables are collected, GPFS has industry expertise to ensure these transactions are accounted for in connection with allocations to/from affiliated entities including the investment products.

Intercompany Billing/Due From Fund

Ensuring the accuracy and validity of any expenses charged to fund products is a critical fiduciary responsibility for an investment advisor. GPFS will work with advisors on policies and procedures as well as the accurate record keeping associated with these affiliated transactions.

Travel and Expense Reporting

For new or existing managers, GPFS can help establish best practices for travel and expense reporting and the related accounting. Often overlooked as a critical area, T&E can easily become an area of risk for investment managers. GPFS has experience with establishing and maintain a T&E function that reduces that risk.


Establishment of banking relationships, coordination of account openings and supporting the development of treasury policy and procedure are all areas GPFS supports both new and existing managers. Execution and reporting of treasury activity is core to our investment advisor services.

CFO Support

For new managers who have not yet hired a CFO, GPFS will provide information about critical best practices so the firm can be stood up to meet its fiduciary responsibilities from day 1.

For managers with an internal CFO, GPFS can provide much needed bandwidth for that role in areas such as vendor management, interaction with auditors, support for regulatory audits and analysis for budgeting.

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